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27th November 2015

With Art Basel Miami just around the corner, we thought we’d catch up with a local to find out where’s best for people watching, art appreciating and coffee drinking plus everything else in between. Nina Johnson Milewski of Gallery Diet has lived in Miami for 10 years now. Having moved back to her home town after time away in Boston, we were certain Nina would be the best to talk to about art, culture and relaxation.


Studio    |    Talking To
13th November 2015

Brian Persico is no-ordinary designer. He may be categorised as a ‘contemporary’ designer however, there aren't many designers who look to the Ancient World for inspiration or to Iron Age tribes in Finland and the Native Indian population of America for that matter. But you can see these influences in the nomadic quality his work displays, in his desire to use appropriate natural materials and in his traditional design process; as the products he creates feel like a breath of fresh air when compared to much contemporary design of the moment. Telling us more about his design process, we spoke with Brian for this week’s blogpost.


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6th November 2015

Hidden away in a picture perfect Parisian courtyard is Antoinette Poisson, a company made up of three friends from college who all share the same passion; revitalising the beauty and intrigue of 18th century wallpaper, patterns and objects. We caught up with Julie, Jean-Baptiste and Vincent to find out more about this long-lost love affair and their studio.


Studio    |    Studio Journal
30th October 2015

A rich and splendid exhibition that’s steeped in colour and history would be a true representation of the Victoria and Albert’s most recent show, The Fabric of India. Running from October 3rd until January 10th, this hotly anticipated exhibition showcases the rich tapestry behind India’s long history with fabric. Comprising more than 200 pieces, the exhibition takes visitors on a journey from the hugely intricate process of weaving and print-making to the modern day story of Independent India and high-end couture.


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26th October 2015

This week we’ve been talking to David Plunkert, one half of design studio, Spur Design who recently created original artwork for restaurant Smith & Wollensky. At Spur Design, David designs posters, covers, logos, brochures, websites, and more for non-profit organizations, publishers and corporations. Spur’s work seeks to build identities and define styles that will elevate their clients' profile. We caught up with David to find out more about Spur Design, what makes him tick and what the future holds.


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19th October 2015

Last week London was a hive of activity with the arrival of Frieze Art Fair. Celebrating its 13th year the art fair comprised of an impressive line-up of 164 galleries from 27 countries, showcasing the work of some of the most exciting and significant contemporary artists working today. Whilst the main action took place within the tent, this year’s Sculpture Park was another must-see on your tick list – and what’s more, you can still visit seven of the 16 monolithic sculptures until early January.


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2nd October 2015

As three consecutive weeks of fashion comes to a climax in Paris this weekend, you may be wondering how do I store all those items of clothing I've been compelled to purchase? Alas, it sounds like you need a dressing room.


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18th September 2015

The fact Kit Miles is still considered a 'rising star' despite his work being featured across the pages of World of Interiors, The Financial Times and Elle Decor Italia goes to show just how far this British designer will go. Ahead of a staggering seven events for London Design Festival, including an integral role in the 'Dulux - Colour Futures' at Somerset House and Design Junctions' 'A Childs Dream', we caught up with Kit for the blog.


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5th September 2015

Think of Sweden's wilderness and you conjure up images of lush green alpine tree's, bold and beautiful skies and the rich red of the mud and wood. How hard it must be to depict the feeling that arises when surveying such a beautiful landscape. Not for the artist Andreas Eriksson, who creates captivating abstract canvassess of such scenes- the result of a sustained investigation into charting his own reactions to the naturual world which surrounds him.

Studio Journal: Enchanting libraries

Studio    |    Studio Journal
21st August 2015

Libraries are places to get lost, be it in the literature they house or the surroundings themselves. For some they act as places of refuge or to seek escapism, whilst for others they’re places ventured to in search of knowledge.
Often featuring architecture as intricate and detailed as the books themselves, here at the Studio we’ve been admiring libraries all over the world. Whether they are late Baroque, 21st-century Minimalist or Gothic-Renaissance in style, we’ve explored a plethora of reading rooms to get lost in.

Talking to: Jessica King

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7th August 2015

‘The Mini Edit’ is an online fashion and lifestyle retail concept focusing on the newest, chicest kidswear. Despite only launching last month, it has already garnered support from the achingly cool Mothers Meeting set and has been approached to open its first bricks and mortar concept close to the MBDS Studio, in Knightsbridge.

STUDIO JOURNAL: Interiors throughout art history

Studio    |    Studio Journal
31st July 2015

From Jan van Eyck to Jeff Wall, artists have been depicting interiors for centuries. Details such as the curtains, furniture and position of subjects speaks volumes about class, wealth and society in general - all helping us to gain a firmer understanding of what life was like before the ‘selfies’ and Instagram hashtags of the media age.

Summer Cocktail Recipes

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10th July 2015

There is no better time of the year to quench your thirst with a cocktail than Summer. Looking for ideas, we thought where better to get some tried and tested recipes than our friends at The Ivy, Scarfes Bar and Thompson Miami Beach.

Talking to: Josephine Bamford

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3rd July 2015

London’s Roundhouse is one of the capital’s most prominent live performance spaces; housing everything from live circus to interactive installations to the concerts of world famous musicians. The spherical structure places an emphasis on creativity and entertainment, whilst promoting the importance of nurturing new talent and supporting young people to embrace their performance potential. Here at the Studio, we’re talking to the Performing Arts Programme Producer at the Roundhouse, Josephine Bamford, who has been giving us an insight into the upcoming interactive installation ‘Utopia’ opening next month and filling us in on what might be the biggest year yet for Camden’s creative hub.

Studio Journal: Charming Tennis Courts

Studio    |    Studio Journal
26th June 2015

The strawberries are picked, the cream is poured and the Pimm’s is flowing as all eyes fall on SW19 for the annual Wimbledon Tennis Championship.
The oldest tennis tournament in the world has been held on the site of its namesake since 1877 and still remains the only one of the ‘Grand Slams’ to be played on grass. We’ve collated a selection of images of charming tennis courts, to inspire and admire ahead of next week’s festivities.