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Talking to: Elaine Garlick

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17th April 2015

Having spent 20 years at The Royal Opera house, Elaine Garlick moved to the Birmingham Royal Ballet to work as costume supervisor; taking with her years of experience, a vivid imagination and a strong creative eye. Her body of work includes Beauty and the Beast and Miracle in the Gorbals, as well as the recent Carmina and Serenade, which opened to rave reviews at the London Coliseum last month. We spoke with her to find what it takes being costume supervisor for one of the world’s premiere touring ballet companies.

Talking to: Wilson PK

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10th April 2015

Wilson PK is a London based fashion designer who specialises in knitwear development and future textiles.
Having graduated from the prestigious Central Saint Martins last year after working for noted fashion houses such as Alexander Wang and Craig Lawrence, his first SS15 collection, ‘(I’M) Purity’ was promptly picked up by Lady Gaga and catapulted him into fashion fame, kick-starting a now rapidly growing career.
Here at the Studio we spoke with Wilson PK who is working on his fourth collection; about his experiences, inspirations and aspirations.

Studio Top Spot: Modernist churches, chapels and cathedrals

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2nd April 2015

Places of worship can take many forms. They are spaces that allow for contemplation and meditation; structures designed to elevate the soul, whether it’s by feeling the impact of a higher power or just partaking in some quiet personal reflection. Here at the Studio we’ve been admiring the modernist churches, chapels and cathedrals of the 20th and 21st centuries; a time when architects stepped away from the traditional extravagance of the gothic and baroque periods to create purely meditative spaces.

2015 Trend Report: The three M’s

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27th March 2015

An interior’s physicality, those aspects that can be sensed and verified by our body, not only shape the content of a design but also the feeling it induces in the individual. Whether it is visually, texturally or verbally, the different materials we use are capable of offering a multi-sensory experience and simple way of turning the mundane into the sublime. Here at the Studio we’re currently thinking of all things material and have come up with our top three favourite ‘M’ words which we believe will have the power to update an interior automatically.


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13th March 2015

The Geffrye Museum is one of Hoxton’s hidden treasures. Surrounded by leafy gardens, the Georgian almshouses offer a picture of tranquillity overlooking the bustle of the Kingsland Road. However it is what's inside that is most interesting, as within the 18th century building lies a bricks and mortar time capsule capable of taking you back in time to glance at how we lived in centuries gone by. Having worked at the museum for seven years, we spoke to curator, Hannah Fleming, ahead of the opening of their next exhibition.

Cocktail Hour

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6th March 2015

For most, the traditional drinks trolley conjures sepia tone images of Hollywood films from the 1950’s and 60’s; as protagonists reflectively pour a brandy and contemplate their fate. Yet this kind of scene was prevalent in the glory days of Hollywood and beyond, when living rooms around the world saw the ‘cocktail hour’ as a scheduled affair and the small stand would take center stage; acting as a permanent fixture for social entertainment.


Studio    |    A City With
20th February 2015

Having survived New York, Stylist magazine’s Executive Fashion Director, Kitty McGee, is back for our second fashion week special. This week we’re getting the inside scoop on all things London; where to go, who to see and what to do for fashion week in the big smoke.

Fashion Week Special Part One: New York with Kitty McGee

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13th February 2015

New York fashion week officially kicked off yesterday and we thought we’d get the inside scoop on the city that never sleeps with Stylist magazine’s Executive Fashion Director, Kitty McGee. Having worked at the title for two and a half years and attending, on average, 150 shows per season, Kitty is the go-to person for all things fashion week related. In this special two-part blog post, we get the low-down on where to eat, drink and party at NYFW (and then next week for LFW). Starting with week one, city one: New York.


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6th February 2015

From the outside it appears like any other warehouse in Hell’s Kitchen, however once inside, it’s very much the world of Hunt Slonem. As the American artist, who is renowned for his colourful neo-expressionist paintings, sculptures and prints, brings the same vivid colour and passion from his artwork into his work-space.
The word Slonem has used to describe his artwork is ‘exotica’ and his studio reflects this, feeling like a tropical paradise where bright birds of various species roam free amongst paint splattered surfaces.


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30th January 2015

The island of Lidingö in Stockholm is scattered with the silhouettes of people floating in mid-air or being held up in the palms of what appear to be the hands of giants. By night they watch over the city from their lofty heights and cast shadows like mythical guardians. By day they are surrounded by people keen to have a look at this magicial place. But this isn’t a dream world, this is Millesgården.


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16th January 2015

The ski season is well and truly upon us and this year will see an abundance of alpine celebration, with Switzerland celebrating 150 years of winter tourism and of course, the beautiful Matsuhisa Restaurant opening at Badrutt’s Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, designed by MBDS.

Complete Guide to Interior Decoration, 1970. © House & Garden


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9th January 2015

It’s a well-known fact that fashion comes full circle and currently everything from clothing to cocktails are being heavily influenced by the 1970s. One only has to look at the catwalk to see the abundance of flares, platforms, tassels and shearling collar coats; screaming Jane Birkin and Stevie Nicks.
It’s official - the 1970s are back!


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12th December 2014

Christmas is upon us and here at the Studio we’ve been looking for some gift inspiration of a slightly different kind. In those stylish, chic and original pieces for the home that can add a special finishing touch or become a statement centrepiece. Whether you want something to decorate your own dwelling, or a gift to adorn a loved one’s abode - we're here to help.

Studio Journal: Miami Beach

Studio    |    Studio Journal
5th December 2014

December in Miami marks a time of artistic-cohesion, as the cultured elite flock to the magic city to finish the year in the sun, sand and series of exhibitions that make up Design Miami and Art Basel. Helping these design-conscious connoisseurs relax and party this year is the Thompson Miami Beach, a boutique hotel on the beach front designed by our New York Studio.

Studio Journal: Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

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28th November 2014

Having celebrated Thanksgiving this week, the festive season has officially begun. Here at MBDS we’ve been delving into the history of what has become one of the most recognised traditions of this time - Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Taking a look back through the wonderful archive imagery of the famous New York parade, now in its 88th year, from humble beginnings to the spectacular show it is today.