Martin's Profile

With his sophisticated, modern and efficient interiors showcased throughout the world, Martin Brudnizki is one of the foremost interior designers in the industry.

Born in Sweden, Brudnizki moved to England in 1990 to study Interior Architecture and Design at The American University.  After working for renowned architects and designers, he established Martin Brudnizki Design Studio (MBDS) in 2000. With Studios in both London and New York, MBDS now employs over 60 staff worldwide.

The success behind Brudnizki’s work rests in his considered approach to every project. With utmost respect for a client’s brief and the unique character of the area or street in which a project is located, the Studio is able to ensure that the finished product not only sits well within its environment, but also meets the needs and expectations of the client; a winning combination which has translated perfectly to projects ranging from high-voltage glamour locations to affordable local restaurants to private homes.

Interior Architecture & Design

At Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, we design for the hospitality and retail sectors creating exceptional hotels, bars, restaurants and private clubs worldwide. We also work with a select number of private clients creating their dream homes. Our Studio provides a variety of services including interior architecture, interior design, furniture and lighting design.